Things I didn’t pray for…….

There are days where I am overwhelmed with just how blessed I am. Not because I received some large check in the mail at the right time (though if you want to I can send you my address) or because something I have been praying for was answered. Nope, usually it’s just plain ole because I realized something I take for granted is worth so much more. Everyday I’m reminded of just how blessed I am and most of it I didn’t pray for.

Like last night for instance….. I’m laying in bed and my husband Bo had already fallen asleep. My daughter Lola is a daddies girl all the way and usually has to have daddies arm to fall asleep. On the rare occasion that he’s gone for work then mommas arm will do. Last night though daddy had already fallen asleep and wasn’t waking up to her nudges and pleads for him to stick out his arm. So a rare occasion happened and she snuggled up to me and asked for my arm. I obliged and as she curled up to me, her little body turning into the perfect form against mine like only your kiddos can do, I thought of how blessed I am. That light bulb moment hit that God likes to spark in us sometimes. While I was laying there with her I realized that next to me was a husband who had a little girl that adored him and if I’m being really honest all three of them do.

God had blessed me with an amazing husband and father that I hadn’t prayed for. Growing up I wasn’t raised in church and as many church raised girls are instructed to do I hadn’t prayed for my husband. I didn’t pray to find a good provider, daddy, friend or spouse but yet here he lay. Now don’t get confused, I pray for him now. I pray he continues to be all those things above and more. It’s that I didn’t pray for it before I found him but yet God with his mercy and his grace he gave me the match he knew I needed along with the daddy my children need. Those prayers that we don’t utter but God gives us anyways, the ones that hit us square in the middle of our eyes. That’s what I realized I had laying on the other side of our bed. So today I am thankful for the prayers I didn’t pray……..

Farmhouse Silhouettes

3698E55E-D0B7-4ED1-8897-B7584F5FB217These sweet silhouettes of my littles have been one of my favorite pieces in our home. In our previous house we had them printed on card stock then hung them in frames but when we moved it just didn’t quite fit the decor. So I set about to come up with a way to incorporate them here but in a more farmhouse style.

Thats when I came up with this idea! So many loved it on my Instagram page @shepherdlane and I promised a tutorial. I didn’t take pictures during the process so I will give y’all a basic run down of what I did. First off you will need these supplies!




-tape measure

-favorite stain or antiquing wax



-nail gun

First things first I should mention that I already had the silhouettes custom done by @mprints and she did a fabulous job with keeping the detail of my little gals headband.

06426472-EEF2-4AFD-9114-3C8A86F71197From there I took my digital image and printed an 11×14 poster print for a little over $5 at Walmart. I love the poster prints because you can print larger sizes for less than your typical prints.

Once I had my prints I took a trip to my local Lowe’s and purchased a sheet of plywood and 2 1x2s(you may only need one but I needed enough to make a frame for 3 silhouettes). If you are lazy like me and don’t want sawdust everywhere then they will cut your pieces for you to the size you need. Since our prints were 11×14 I had them cut them to that size.

When I got home I hot glued my silhouettes to my wood cut outs. I then measured and marked with my pencil my 1x2s and cut those to make a frame around my plywood. At this point I didn’t attach the 1x2s just yet because I wanted to stain them and let them dry without taking a chance of getting the stain on my poster prints. For my choice of stain I actually used an antiquing wax. The Lowe’s brand antiquing wax is my favorite. I have used it so many times as a stain. It does a fairly dark look but not too dark look that I love! As a bonus it also seals itself so I don’t have to come back and also put a coat of poly or wax on it.

After letting my stain dry for a day or so, I went ahead and attached my frame with my nail gun. I should add that when buying your plywood it doesn’t have to be fancy or the expensive sheets but be mindful of the thickness. It is much harder than you think to try and stick a nail through an almost paper thin piece of plywood 😂! Even though I know this through experience I still manage to tell myself it won’t be so bad and then regret it later! After alllllllll of those steps your are ready to hang!

I love the way they turned out and it really wasn’t a long process once I had all my supplies. I hope my first tutorial for you guys is easy to follow for you all! In all it was a pretty inexpensive process as well!
















Back To School Minis 🍎

   How is it that when I was a kid Summer felt like a lifetime but now that my kids are in school it feels about as long as spring break? Whether time is speeding up or slowing down to me it doesn’t change the fact that school is coming SOON!! With school coming it also brings school clothes shopping, supplies shopping AND back to school minis.

   As some of you know I am now a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper which makes me even more acutely aware that school is coming. Backpacks and ruffled trimmed dresses with various types of school supplies on them have begun flooding our feeds.

As a part time, when I feel like it, photographer the creative bug hits me from time to time and makes me want to do a few sessions. With all of this cuteness what better sessions than back to school minis! I have done back to school minis in the past and these would be very similar to those. Ofcourse we would have the desk, maybe a chalkboard, apples, globe, and whatever school related goodies I want to toss in. As of now the date I have picked out would be August 18th in the evening time here at my home. Be on the lookout for some previews of the set up and pictures of my littles to give you an idea of what the set up will look like. If you aren’t already on my Matilda Jane page let me know and I will add you that way you can stay in the loop! Also be on the look out for future blog posts coming your way!

One of my past Back to School Minis. ❤️

Easter Greenhouse Minis

I had the best time today at the Easter Minis! I met lots of new moms (some dads) and so many new little ones! They were all adorable and we had a blast with Cotton the bunny and they were so happy to take home their candy in their Easter bags! Here are some sneak peaks from today! I hope you all love them as much as I do!

Don’t forget we have some morning spots available March 5th too if you want to join in on the fun!



Brooke Holt

Sandlot Minis

Today my awesome friend Sonja brought her son Ethan to me so he could model in my sand lot minis! She has been such a wonderful friend to me and I love her very much! If you know Sonja then you know she will go out of her way to do whatever she can for you! I am blessed to call her my friend! Mr. Ethan was a willing participant and his price wasn’t too high ;)! All he required was pumpkin pie but unfortunately its out of season so he settled with peanuts, coke and a candy bar. I think he was still quite happy with that trade off and I promised Ill make him a pumpkin pie and bring it to him. He made sure to let me know where his house was too so I could deliver ;)! He had me laughing the whole session! Here are some from his session. I hope yall enjoy!ecollage1ecollage2ecollage3ecollage4ecollage5ecollage6xoxo,


New & Exciting

It’s a new year full of exciting changes for Simplicity Photos! I have always sat back and dreamed up sessions that I would one day style only to never do it. I have made up my mind that this year will be different!


   I am believing and having faith that 2016 will be our best year yet! My biggest passion has always been styling sessions. I love to do big elaborate mini sessions with custom built props to make it a real life fantasy. This year I am hoping to achieve that as well as also still doing my regular photo sessions. I have already sat down and planned my mini sessions for the year as well as their themes. I am so excited for all the fun themes we have scheduled. I have just finished up our Love Letters Minis

Love Letters Minis I did of my 3 littles and had made into a Valentine’s Day card 😍

and am now working on our Easter window pane greenhouse! We have lots coming up in the next few months! Here are some dates to mark in your calendar…..

Easter Minis(window pane green house with live bunny)- feb.27image

Matilda Jane girls dress up minis(purchase from my Matilda Jane show 50 dollars or more and receive a free mini)- date to be announcedimage

Pink Camper Minis- April 30th

This pink camper photo of my 3 littles was taken by Laurenland photography we are so sad that she has decided to no longer do photos because she is truly amazing! We will however be using this awesome pink camper and several of the props for our upcoming shoot!

Boys Camping outdoor Minis( teepee, canoe and other fun things)- June 4th

Fourth of July Minis- June 13th

Back to School Minis- August 6th

Fall Minis- October 22

Family Christmas Minis(geared towards getting family photos for Christmas cards)- November 5th

Christmas Mini(fun kids set up- possibly Santa will make an arrival 😊)- Tba

I am so excited for the year to come and hope to be seeing all of you and your littles ones through the lens of my camera soon!