Back To School Minis 🍎

   How is it that when I was a kid Summer felt like a lifetime but now that my kids are in school it feels about as long as spring break? Whether time is speeding up or slowing down to me it doesn’t change the fact that school is coming SOON!! With school coming it also brings school clothes shopping, supplies shopping AND back to school minis.

   As some of you know I am now a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper which makes me even more acutely aware that school is coming. Backpacks and ruffled trimmed dresses with various types of school supplies on them have begun flooding our feeds.

As a part time, when I feel like it, photographer the creative bug hits me from time to time and makes me want to do a few sessions. With all of this cuteness what better sessions than back to school minis! I have done back to school minis in the past and these would be very similar to those. Ofcourse we would have the desk, maybe a chalkboard, apples, globe, and whatever school related goodies I want to toss in. As of now the date I have picked out would be August 18th in the evening time here at my home. Be on the lookout for some previews of the set up and pictures of my littles to give you an idea of what the set up will look like. If you aren’t already on my Matilda Jane page let me know and I will add you that way you can stay in the loop! Also be on the look out for future blog posts coming your way!

One of my past Back to School Minis. ❤️

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Photography loving momma of two busy handsome boys and one chubby cheeked princess. I have been blessed to be able to do something I love and enjoy! Enjoying this good life the Lord has blessed me with through the lens of a camera. Capturing every little moment in hopes of never forgetting all the precious memories!

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