Things I didn’t pray for…….

There are days where I am overwhelmed with just how blessed I am. Not because I received some large check in the mail at the right time (though if you want to I can send you my address) or because something I have been praying for was answered. Nope, usually it’s just plain ole because I realized something I take for granted is worth so much more. Everyday I’m reminded of just how blessed I am and most of it I didn’t pray for.

Like last night for instance….. I’m laying in bed and my husband Bo had already fallen asleep. My daughter Lola is a daddies girl all the way and usually has to have daddies arm to fall asleep. On the rare occasion that he’s gone for work then mommas arm will do. Last night though daddy had already fallen asleep and wasn’t waking up to her nudges and pleads for him to stick out his arm. So a rare occasion happened and she snuggled up to me and asked for my arm. I obliged and as she curled up to me, her little body turning into the perfect form against mine like only your kiddos can do, I thought of how blessed I am. That light bulb moment hit that God likes to spark in us sometimes. While I was laying there with her I realized that next to me was a husband who had a little girl that adored him and if I’m being really honest all three of them do.

God had blessed me with an amazing husband and father that I hadn’t prayed for. Growing up I wasn’t raised in church and as many church raised girls are instructed to do I hadn’t prayed for my husband. I didn’t pray to find a good provider, daddy, friend or spouse but yet here he lay. Now don’t get confused, I pray for him now. I pray he continues to be all those things above and more. It’s that I didn’t pray for it before I found him but yet God with his mercy and his grace he gave me the match he knew I needed along with the daddy my children need. Those prayers that we don’t utter but God gives us anyways, the ones that hit us square in the middle of our eyes. That’s what I realized I had laying on the other side of our bed. So today I am thankful for the prayers I didn’t pray……..

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Simplicity Photos

Photography loving momma of two busy handsome boys and one chubby cheeked princess. I have been blessed to be able to do something I love and enjoy! Enjoying this good life the Lord has blessed me with through the lens of a camera. Capturing every little moment in hopes of never forgetting all the precious memories!

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